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Nikko Taxi


Nikko Taxi Application is a smart and easy gadget to order a taxi with direct control and GPS function of smartphone. ■Charactristics 1, Locate yourself on the map. Only several taps for a ride. 2, Fare calculation will be available easily by local taxi company's fare system which is corresponding to your location. 3, Adding your home and company addresses to favorite would make you easy to designate your pick up location and destination. 4, Quick order using your past history is available. 5, Presubmission is not required. Start your order in a second after downloaded.
■Caution This application requires network service. Please find a location where you could have good signal. The order from this app. will treated as same as phone order regarding dispatch and any other charges by each company's policy, separate from meter charge.(There are some companies with free of dispatch charge.) Please understand that there are cases that you may not be able to order a taxi pick up due to area, weather or road condition.